massage chair Special sole raised dots design, 38 pcs air bags for whole body professional scrapping massage as massage, air pressure intensity human therapist, 3 cm traveling distance, comfortable massage to Yongquan acupoint; 38 pcs air bags for whole body massage as air pressure intensity freely adjust, compaction, pause or relax mode for great feeling.




  • SL-C58S

    • Fit the curve around the eyes and pneumatic air massage around the eyes.
    • 15min working time.
    • The vibration function can relieve eye strain.
    • The heating function brightens the eyes.
    • Relieve eye fatigue and prevent myopia.
    • With smoothing music makes you feel as if you are in nature.
    • Connect the computer with the eye massager by USB cable to change the music.
  • SL-C70



  • SL-C30A



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